Eccotemp FVI-12-NG High Capacity Gas Tankless Water Heater

Are you looking for a high quality and well build tankless gas water heater at a reasonable price? Undoubtedly Eccotemp FVI-12-NG High Capacity Gas Tankless Water Heater is one of the best choices for you. It’s ideal for small homes or even for a vacation cabin. It comes with a Stainless steel vent kit and a 110 volt UL listed power cord.

Eccotemp FVI-12-NG High Capacity Gas Tankless Water Heater

Water Flow
Water flow matters a lot for a tankless water heater. This water heater has a great rate of water flow. There is no room for worry about it. As it’s water flow rate is satisfying. It’s a suitable choice for the customer who is conscious about the water flow rate.Hot Water

Hot Water
It provides sufficient hot water according to need. Because the tankless water heater has enough elements in the system to heat water. The elements are also good comparing to other water heaters. Hot water is not an issue for this tankless water heater following the hot water quantity.

Energy Efficient & Safe Water
It doesn’t contain a water storage. There is no chance of tank failure which damages water badly. The water heater supplies hot water when it is asked to provide. That means It doesn’t run all day long. Much energy is saved during the idle time.

Quick Supply
It takes only 10 seconds to get hot water from the faucet. The water heater supplies hot water faster than the other water heater in this budget. You don’t have to wait long for a hot shower. The device will instantly serve you with hot water.

No Need Of Extra Tools
Everything is included along with the water heater. Necessary tools are given in the box to set up the water heater. You can follow the installation process for the needed tools. For this reason, there is no necessity of buying cord, fittings or any pipes. It saves a few bucks from the pocket.


• Smooth design with modern touch
• The ignition system is proved as safe
• For more safety and efficiency, there is Power ventilation
• Unlimited supply of hot water all day long
• Easy installation as the installation guide is provided with the water heater

Cons with Solution

• Low Water Pressure
• Solution: After a long time of use, the water pressure in a water heater reduces. It happens due to sediment, corrosion or other failures in the faucet. Check if the water meter valve is opened correctly. It can be found in the basement or a garage attached to the house. If you find it okay, check the main shut-off valve. It can be found at the main water entrance. Check if it’s fully opened. Check plumbing system too. It may need to be replaced.

• Hot Water Doesn’t Last
Solution: If your hot water doesn’t last long, check the temperature control setting. There is a product manual came along with the product to help you. Set the temperature according to your need. If the water heater has a gas unit, check the pilot light. It might be blown out. In that case light it again. After doing it, if the problem remains, hire a professional. They will help you for sure.


Q. Will it run consistently for one hour?
A: Yes, that’s what a tankless water heater is for. It has enough capacity and power to run for one hour.

Q. How can I use LP gas for this model?
A: It has an LP (Liquid Propane) version as well. You can buy the LP version if you want to run it on LP gas.

Q. Does the water heater contain an Anti-freeze circuit?
A: Yes, the water heater contains an antifreeze circuit. The circuit only protects internal components from freezing. It’s not for external components like valves or pipes.

Q. What about the water flow?
A: The water flow in this water heater is 3.5 gallons/minute. It continues to supply hot water as long as it gets water and propane.

Q. When the water flow reduces?
A: In case of a single faucet, the blend valve reduces water flow. However, it happens when you are tempering the hot water.

Q. How difficult is the installation?
A: The installation should complete with an expert. The water heater box contains an installation guide to help you through the installation process. It should be installed very carefully.

In The End
Eccotemp FVI-12-NG Gas Tankless Water Heater is one of the best product around considering the requirements of a best tankless water heater. It has necessary tools with it. Another advantage of the water heater is its energy saving feature. It is perfect for low space homes. The water heater gives hot water whenever we need. The flow rate is impressive. Overall it is a great choice in this price range. Definitely, it’s worth the money. The Amazon user reviews are average. Taking all these things in our mind, we can go for the product.